Jul 20, 2014


I was so worry about making mistakes, that i always stayed in comfort zone, everything that was too risky, for me, was not the option, until one day, I said: fuck that! fuck that shit!! fuck to the scared, i don't wanna live my life like that, in a comfort zone, so i decide to take the risk, to be brave and be happy, work hard and with passion in the things that i love, that i believe, to try every day to be a better human, to give the best of the best of me, and you know what? my life have  changed so much!!! that is why i have no time to post, because i'm finally doing what i love, what make me burn inside out, what full me with joy, yes JOY!!! so this is like a open letter to any one out there in the same situation or not, just a open letter about what i'm experiencing right now, what i call  life.
sending love to everyone always :)

xoxo kitty kat 

We kiss our quartz To reach love