Mar 6, 2014

The Birth and Growth of an Idea

The Birth and Growth of an Idea

Today you see how an idea comes to life, how it gathers energy through your attention and focus, then more energy through the process of change, through exposure to others, and finally through development into physical form.

As long as there is attention and energy around it, it gathers life force. And at some point, it is either set aside or it goes out into the world to find its own way, like a chick who has learned to fly. It may be a great transformative idea embraced by the world or it may meet with little attention and acceptance. But either way, you then return to your creative world and begin again with another idea in its initial forming, giving it your attention, watching it evolve and gain energy through change.

It is not yours to control whether your idea meets with acceptance in the world. It is yours to nurture it to the point where it can fly to its fate.

~ Carrie Hart

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